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About Us

meet the Doctors

Dr. Hailey and Dr. Zack are first and foremost, a team. Our patients find comfort in the fact that this team dynamic translates directly into their care. Often, there are more than one doctor’s eyes on each case, leading to more accuracy and precision in case management. Meeting in chiropractor school, Zack and Hailey have learned and grown together, continually critiquing and challenging each other to become better doctors. Before opening Apex Chiropractic, Zack and Hailey moved cross country twice to immerse themselves in the practice of structural correction. Ultimately, the drive to be closer to family and build a practice of their own brought them back to Shelby Township with a unique outlook on chiropractor care unlike anything else in Michigan.

Dr. Hailey Vansen

Growing up in the competitive figuring skating scene in Florida, Dr. Hailey has never known what it is like to not be under chiropractor care. After years of practice, resulting in falls and microtrauma, Dr. Hailey had to step away from figure skating due to injuries in her knees. This drove Hailey’s passion for the single thing that kept her going for years, chiropractic care. This passion lead Hailey to attend Life University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree and her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. From personal experience, Dr. Hailey has a vested interest in biomechanics, sports injuries, extremity work, and working with scoliosis cases. Outside of the office, Dr. Hailey maintains her innate athletic nature by tackling the country’s most difficult hikes and trails.

Dr. Zack Vansen

A native to the surrounding area, Dr. Zack grew a passion for alternative healthcare by watching his father avoid what was thought to be an inevitable cervical spine surgery by utilizing chiropractic care. Dr. Zack graduated from Life University and holds many academic accolades including being Valedictorian of his undergraduate class, Salutatorian of his doctoral class, and author of peer reviewed literature on chiropractic’s effects on high blood pressure. Dr. Zack’s interest peaked in structural correction as a result of his mid thoracic scoliosis, a spinal deformity that can never fully be changed, but can be reduced and managed properly by structural corrective procedures. Outside of the office, Dr. Zack enjoys spending time with his two dogs, reading chiropractic research, and being lake side on Harsens Island.

Dr. Sam Wireman

Dr. Sam often visited his chiropractor for help with childhood injuries sustained while playing football and rough housing with his seven siblings in his hometown of Pennsylvania. This began the journey which motivated him to work for his local chiropractor to see if it was the specialty for him. Working there for several years made him even more determined to make chiropractic his career. He fast-tracked his collegiate education by attending Life University for both degrees — a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic. During his time in school, Dr. Sam developed an interest in helping patients with headaches and migraines, as both he and his mother had suffered with them for a lifetime. That interest developed into a passion when he experienced how Structural Correction addresses several of the factors responsible for the same issues he grew up with. Dr. Sam attended college with Dr. Zack and chiropractic school with Dr. Hailey. So, when he approached us for the opportunity to join Apex, we were thrilled to welcome him as a part of the team. Life University not only introduced Dr. Sam to his future office, but he also met his wife Amber there. She’s a native born Michigander who convinced him our state had all of his favorites: fishing, hiking, and the best of the great outdoors!

meet the Staff

Claudia Vulcu

Office Coordinator

Claudia is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration. She has previous experience in health care after working as a physical therapy tech and helping out in billing through the back office. She found that she could excel in more of her talents when working behind the scenes in a medical setting. Before discovering Apex, Claudia experienced migraine headaches on a weekly basis that could last days. After starting treatment, she saw lasting results and can go weeks without experiencing a minor headache. When Claudia isn’t at the office, she’s spending time with her friends and family or sending ideas to Dr. Hailey to benefit our Apex family.

Drew Bohn

Rehabilitation Specialist

For years Drew has studied the benefits of exercise both physical and mental. His interest in fitness started as a kid when he was introduced to boxing. He continued on to compete at the amateur level, and works as a trainer in his free time. His passion for fitness and helping others influenced his decision for his occupation. Drew loves to share his knowledge and experience with patients leaving everyone with a better understanding of how their body works in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Mackenzie Lema

Front Desk Specialist

After playing soccer for 15 years, Mackenzie suffered from plenty of injuries, frequent headaches being one of them. Before working at Apex she saw a chiropractor on a regular basis to help ease some of the pain, which is what sparked her interest to start working at Apex. Her original plan was to play soccer at college, but a severe knee injury which caused her to get surgery during her senior year of high school put a halt to that. Since Mackenzie was not only an athlete but also excelled academically in high school, she got a full-ride to Oakland University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. She has experience within the physical therapy field including being the Secretary of Pre-PT Club at OU, and is now gaining a different perspective of rehabilitation at Apex.

Keegan Sikorski

Traction Specialist

Keegan was born and raised in the metro Detroit area and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Wayne State University. He has always had a love for athletics and being active as he played baseball for 2 years at Macomb Community College, as well as playing basketball in high school. He has gained immense knowledge from the doctors about spinal rehabilitation at Apex. When becoming a patient himself, he discovered he had scoliosis when evaluated at Apex, and was able to lower the bend of his scoliosis by 8 degrees. For fun Keegan finds himself on the golf course or playing games with friends!