Is your mattress making you miserable?

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Information

I’m guessing, if you’re like many people, time is one of your most important assets. The more quality time spent on a task, the more proficient one becomes at it. Time spent at work, for the average American equates to more money earned, so on and so forth.

To some, making every moment count is crucial. A few wasted minutes here and there, could mean the difference between meeting a work deadline, making it to their kids soccer game, or keeping their chiropractic appointment.

I think we can all agree that time is something that we all wish that we had more of, so it would stand to reason that using time efficiently and effectively is of vital importance. For instance, there is only a small number of things that humans truly need to survive: air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. What most people overlook is that we all have a similar activity that takes up a large portion of our time inhabiting the Earth, sleeping.

Despite this, in modern society it has become commonplace for individuals to brag about how little they sleep. This has equated into a generalization that proper rest is now being perceived as shear laziness or the sign of a low life or a slob that sleeps all day and gets nothing done. We all have that coworker that brags about the three hours of sleep they got last night.
This is a pretty absurd thing to brag about don’t you think? What would you think of an individual look like if they bragged about how little water they drank today or how little air they have breathed in this afternoon?

The point is, sleep takes up a large portion of real estate when it comes to our time, it is (if you are following proper guidelines) 8 hours of your 24 hour day being spent doing one singular activity. If you did anything else during your day that took up 8 hours you would probably value it, correct?
So let’s discuss sleep, particularly the environment of your sleeping scenario. This topic is quite dense and will take more than one blog post to discuss, so let’s tackle the obvious factor of sleep environment, and it leads in to a question that we hear every week in practice: “doc, what kind of mattress do you recommend?”

Now, while talking about a mattress may not seem like the most interesting topic, it does when you learn that there is a high quality mattress that we recommend, for a very reasonable price.
Before the suggestion let’s talk specifics of what should be looked for in a mattress. First, is the density of the mattress (firm vs soft) and second is the type of mattress. Now, everyone has their opinion of what they think is the most comfortable, but what is best for the structure and long term health of the spine is a whole different subject.

At Apex Chiropractic we prefer a firm mattress that is made of memory foam. Why firm? Firm EQUATES to support. If a mattress is too soft in consistency then it provides very little support for the structure of the spine. Support combined with memory foam, which allows for proper contouring of the material to each person’s unique anatomy and weight distribution is the ideal mattress environment for a patient going through a rehabilitative process. This helps mitigate potential damage that can be done between appointments and also assists in stabilizing a correction when a patient is doing with a corrective care plan.

Here is the kicker. You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I just replaced my mattress a year ago and I can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a new mattress”. No need to worry! We found a mattress that passes the test and meets our exact specifications and DOESN’T break the bank. Dr. Hailey and Dr. Zack both use this mattress themselves. As an added on bonus, you can order the mattress through Amazon, meaning that with an Amazon Prime account, you get free shipping. (See link to mattress at end of this article)

Worried that this mattress may be too firm for you? In that case, we suggest adding a topper to the mattress temporarily to build up tolerance to a density that is proper for long term use.
Looking for more information on proper sleep? Click here to read our article on proper sleeping position.  Also, watch for our upcoming sleep article on proper pillow usage.

Unfortunately, a mattress is not the end all be all for sleep. Often times when there is an underlying structural issue in the spine, what we term a structural shift, it doesn’t matter how much support or contour your mattress provides, it may cause common sleeping issues and complaints. Often when people experience pain or discomfort from a structural shift it can cause constant tossing and turning to find that correct sleeping position, restless legs, amongst a whole other slew of secondary conditions. A structural shift of the spine will cause uneven wear and tear onto the ligaments, tendons, and musculature of the body. The body’s desperate attempt to redistribute this wear and tear is the mechanism for these pesky annoyances that may be plaguing your sleep. That is why we always suggest a complimentary consultation in our facility to screen for a structural shift before switching your sleep environment.

Happy sleeping!

Stay tuned, this is only one in a series regarding sleeping.

*One warning, this mattress is a bit firmer than most mattresses, so it may take a few nights to fully get used to.*

Click Here for link to mattress